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Peter J. Solomon Company (PJSC), a private partnership, provides the highest quality investment banking advisory services to chief executive officers and senior management, owners of public and private companies, boards of directors, and special committees.  In its Restructuring and Recapitalization practice, PJSC advises debtors, creditors, equity committees, governments, labor unions and various other claimants.

PJSC’s judgment concentrates on the appropriate valuation of mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, financings, recapitalizations and restructurings and any action or security involving the issuance or acceptance of a financial instrument by a client.  To date, the firm has successfully completed over 500 strategic and financial advisory assignments.

Clients retain PJSC to render objective conclusions about strategic decisions which affect their capitalizations.  Our advice is grounded in intellectual integrity.  It is free from conflicts of interest.  The partnership does not invest for its own account, trade securities, provide research or manage client assets.

PJSC’s goal is to bring the partnership’s collective wisdom and knowledge of negotiation to reach the optimum value of a transaction and to create an enduring advisory relationship.

The firm represents a broad range of industries including:


Founded in 1989, PJSC was the first private independent investment banking firm created to incorporate the ethos and culture of the traditional investment banks at a time when the larger investment banks had diversified broadly and sought public ownership.  For over two decades, it has focused solely on advising corporate clients on strategic matters with financial implications.

Today, PJSC is a multi-generational firm with 70 people led by Chairman Peter J. Solomon and President Kenneth T. Berliner. Its bankers have the insight and experience required to advise corporate clients on a range of transactions.  PJSC continues to attract superior talent from leading colleges and graduate schools and from other banking organizations.


PJSC’s partnership believes that the interests of its clients and their advisors must be aligned and that trust is the foundation of its client relationships.  Our reputation is built on providing clients with knowledgeable advice and solutions creating value and integrity.