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Financing Advisory Practice


The combination of independence, financial experience, industry knowledge and extensive Wall Street relationships enables Peter J. Solomon Company to provide sound advice to companies contemplating public or private capital market transactions. 

Public Market Financings

We advise clients who are considering accessing the public capital markets. Given our independence which frees us from buy-side conflicts or partiality to a particular market or product, we guide clients through critical structuring and market issues as they execute initial public offerings, secondary offerings, high-yield offerings or bank financings. Our reputation in this area has enabled us to work collaboratively with Wall Street’s top underwriters for the benefit of our clients.

In our role as the client’s advisor throughout a public market financing, we provide guidance in a number of key areas including: 

  • Analyzing financing alternatives and recommending appropriate financing structures 
  • Identifying potential underwriters and selecting the managing underwriters 
  • Advising our client on the terms of the offering, including size of the offering, pricing and covenants 
  • Monitoring market conditions 

Private Placements

Acting as an agent in a private placement of senior debt, subordinated debt or equity, we capitalize on our extensive relationships with asset-based lenders, insurance companies, mezzanine funds, hedge funds and private equity firms to raise highly structured capital for acquisitions, fixed asset expansions, special situations, or recapitalizations. Private placement transactions typically range from $25 to $150 million. 

Case Study

Zale Corporation PJSC was hired to pursue a refinancing of the Company’s Term Loan to minimize interest costs, enhance available liquidity and improve financial flexibility.
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Case Study

Quiksilver PJSC was hired to raise additional capital in order to recapitalize Quiksilver’s balance sheet and preserve value for equity.
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